Meet Momo


Momo is Japanese for ‘peach,‘ a symbol of longevity and a happy, lucky life. Established in November 2007 at the main crossroads of Seattle’s Japantown, Momo is owned and operated by Lei Ann Shiramizu (AKA Lala) and hubby Tom Kleifgen. Hailing from Hawaii — with its charming little general stores — Lei Ann brings tropical sunshine all year round. As a native Minnesotan, Tom adds Scandinavian flavor into the mix. 


Together, they’re a match made in Spam (Hawaii consumes four million cans a year — a heck of a lot more than in Minnesota where it’s made!). The pair are tasked with selecting the shop’s chic items — as well as its whimsical details — which make Momo a memorable spot full of surprises where people love to return. So stop by, browse, have a chat, and check out the mementos from friends all over the world, fondly on display in the post office box behind the desk. Sugoi, neh!


Visit 600 South Jackson Street
Seattle, WA • 98104
Hours Monday - Saturday 11 - 6
Sunday 12 - 5
Call 206.329.4736